Taiwan Church Planters

  • Annie sharing Bible stories with a older couple in Kaohsiung at a traditional market.

  • Eric with his Chinese teacher and classmates visiting an aboriginal village in Southern Taiwan.

  • Eric with a Taiwanese family in a Hakka Village outside Taipei. Hakka people make up 15% of the population and yet less than 1/2 of 1% are Evangelical Christians.

  • Eric & Annie in Singapore for the 2013 Redeemer City to City Asia Church Planting Training and Assessment.

  • Many young people in Taiwan are seeking to improve their English ability and this opens up countless opportunities for friendship Evangelism.

  • Eric & Annie visiting a castle in Central Taiwan during a family trip in 2014.

  • The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Meeting for Presbytery at New Hope Church. Currently the Denomination is very small and only has congregations in N. Taiwan.

  • Eric with a local Pastor in Wulai Village. Pastor Wong works heavily with the poor and working class in Taiwan.

  • Taiwan has over 15,000 registered temples. One temple for every 1,500 people in the county.

  • Dan Shui (淡水) - a Northern District of Taiwan where the first Missionary to Northern Taiwan (Dr. George Leslie Mackay) -- a Canadian Presbyterian, landed in 1872.

  • Annie outside of a traditional Taiwanese stage in Tainan used by local temples to entertain the neighbors.

  • Dr. George Mackay and his family. Mackay was a student of Charles Hodge at Princeton Seminary before moving to Taiwan to begin a life of fruitful missionary service.

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